Heed the Early Warning Signs

Contributed by: JeanPaul Maximillian
Founder at CUSP Mental Health & Relationships

The indicator was when you continued to entertain him beyond the first round.
You never give air time to these types of men. That should have been your tell, that was how you should have known.
What type of men, you ask?
Well, the type that would run game on a squirrel to get its last nut.
He only wanted to take advantage.
He was playing the long game.
And what was worse is that he wasn’t bringing anything sustainable to the table.
He answered your qualifying questions… and he failed, but his charm kept you in the game and made you weak.
All that he offered would perish overnight… you just weren’t able to stay focused on that.
He had you, and that needed to change.
When you discover a breach in the dam it is so that you can know to reinforce the walls lest they are broken down and destruction ensues.
The absence of structural integrity is certain death waiting to happen.
When you discover a breach look at it as an opportunity to shore up the structure.
Look at it as a warning that something serious needs to be done, look at it as an indicator that you are vulnerable and a change is required.
But whatever you do, just look at it… don’t close your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist.
Be well.