Dating, Sex and Social Media

Hook up or Harmony

Contributed by: Anton Leonard Claiborne
Relationship Specialist, Author and founder of

I want to talk to you about dating, sex and the internet and how it has affected people.

Over the years since the introduction of online dating, finding a date has become easier. Currently, single people don’t wonder as much before the internet, about how they’re going to find a date. To find a date when someone is ready for a date, they can simply go to the internet and start searching for someone they’re interested in.

Just as the internet has affected single people and dating, the same can be said for someone who only wants to have a night of sex. The internet has made it very easy for highly sexual people to have sexual rendezvous. The methods used to find a sex partner for a night or moment of lustful fun has changed. The most obvious of changes or modifications is the reduced effort required for a sexual connection.

When new things begin to modify old things, life usually becomes easier for people who were involved in what was once old. As the new begins to modify the old, if the people who were using the old are able to adapt to the modifications, what is new will only make things easier for those people. We see the ease of life for such people when we pay attention to the benefits of meeting people on the internet. This process saves time. Time is one thing people do not like to waste when it comes to dating.

Due to the internet, it could be said by single people, old and young, who are involved in online dating, these services and options made available through online dating sites and social media help save time. That could easily be happily stated because time saved, equals money saved. Saving time and money is always good, right?

Think about this…Sometimes to live better we try to save money. Everyone who desires to live better loves to save money. Due to that reason and some pleasureful benefits, finding a date on the internet has been embraced.

People on social networking sites have embraced internet dating with open arms. I know this because I talk with such people when teaching my love relationship class. Some of them have told me they do not want to waste time or money going out on dates which could possibly end terribly. I can understand how they have been affected by the changes in dating and sexual “hook-ups” and I agree with their logic.

I say anything which helps people save time and money is worth trying. In one instance, you may not agree. If so, you can still use the internet to introduce yourself to someone you find interesting. In another instance, if you are struggling with finding a date, I think you should save time and money by trying to use your social media for offline fun.

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