5 Reasons to Date a Cougar

Contributed by: D’Vonteono Anderson
Millennial Marketing Specialist for The Purple Factor

Certain things in life only get better with age. As a 24 year old male who is currently in a serious relationship with a 41 year old woman I would like to be the first one to tell you that you’re missing out.

  1. There are a lot of perks that come with dating an older woman my favorite of which is that she has her own life! Take a second to allow that to sink in. She has her own career, friends, and her own place. To make matters even better she has her own money. Which means her life does not revolve around you fellas.
  2. No time for games. Older women have absolutely zero time for games of any kind. Women above a certain age aren’t going to make you wait until you fall in love with them to move forward in the relationship. That goes for in the bedroom as well. Anything you can think of trying if she hasn’t already done it she’s probably thought about it! So why beat around the bush?
  3. She doesn’t need you. Older women typically have their life somewhat in order. Women around the age of 40 aren’t looking for someone to help with their mortgage, or car payments. They are looking for your companionship, and not much else.
  4. A lot can be said for a woman who has grown into her independence. The knowing that when you guys happen to argue she isn’t going to immediately tell all her friends about it. It brings a definite sense of security that becomes key in any successful relationship.
  5. Lastly, older women make you better. They help you grow into a better man, because they understand the value of all that potential you have hidden inside. Being pushed to succeed, and to eat healthier sounds like a dreadful relationship. Imagine someone that wants the best for you right?

Dating a cougar is not for the faint of heart. She can bite, and she isn’t going to be afraid to do so. However, it is worth it. Just remember to stand up straight with no fear, and be confident. That is how one goes from boy to hunter.